One of the best words to describe the local church is “family.” As your own families our composed of different individuals with various interests, roles, personalities, and abilities, so is the local church! Christ saves us individually, but He has no desire to simply leave us to live our lives alone. He strategically unites us as the local church where collectively we use our diverse gifts, perspectives, and resources to accomplish great things in His Kingdom. The local church also provides the context for true community, teaching, service, worship, encouragement, accountability, and continuing maturity. Simply put, your local church family is the community where we formally unite ourselves to the work that glorifies Christ, grows us in Christ, and demonstrates to those around us the love of Christ. 

Membership at Gateway begins with a "no-obligation" class, JumpStart, which meets every other month immediately following one of our 11 AM Sunday services. Lunch and childcare -- through 5th grade -- are provided, but registration is required. To register for JumpStart, simply complete and submit the form below.

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