Welcome to "Gateway Kids," our official children's ministry page here at Gateway!

We're having a great year in both our Big Top Elementary Ministry and our Central Park Preschool!

It's October, fall is here, and we're having some awesome weeks in Gateway Kids!

Here's a preview of what your elementary schoolers will be learning this month in the Big Top!

Everything we have comes from God. He is faithful to provide what we need. And even more than what we own, God can also provide what we need to face whatever happens in our life. God has proven time and again, that we can trust Him no matter what. We can complain or become jealous of what others have, or we can choose to respond with contentment, knowing that God has a plan for our lives. Parents, please visit theparentcue.org/ and studio252.tv/ for more.

And here's a preview of what your preschoolers will be learning in Central Park!

Watch Valerie preview the ideas behind the activities and stories told in the theme "Campout" in the First Look curriculum. Preschoolers will learn to say "God's got it."

Gateway Kids meets during both the 9:30 & 11 AM services each week... Here's a little more information about who we are, what we do, and how we do it!

To ensure that children meet Jesus on their level, Gateway Kids is divided into two parts:


  • A loving & safe environment that introduces children (Birth-Age 4) to Jesus.


  • An energetic environment for elementary students (Kindergarten-5th grade) that builds young Christ followers.

At Gateway, your kids' safety is our priority. We screen each volunteer with an interview and federal background check (before training), monitor all hallways & exits during the service, and check-in each child with a unique identification number & a matching parents’ tag.  Should your child need you during the service, we will flash your child's identification number and last name on the screen in the main auditorium. For your children's safety, during check-out, parents' tags are matched with children's tags before we release children into an adult's care.

For young children who are still clinging to mom and dad, we've created the Family Room.  We strive to keep our adult environment as distraction-free as possible, and the Family Room is an area where parents can feel comfortable while hearing the Word and engaging in worship with their children without distracting others who are doing the same.  The Family Room features comfy seating space, small toys and activities for children, as well as one-way glass and a speaker system so that the worship and Word can be experienced live as its happening in the auditorium.

Gateway Kids is very happy to be a part of the Orange Curriculum family. For more information on our First Look curriculum for preschoolers, click here. For more information on our 252 Basics curriculum for elementary-aged children, click here.

Of two things, you can be absolutely certain... your children will learn about Jesus, and they'll have a blast doing it!

For more information on Gateway Kids, please feel free to contact us at info@g8way.cc, connect with us on Facebook,  or download our children's ministry brochure by clicking here.